Why Do Bloggers Need Realistic Expectations?

Hi everyone,

So yet again, I’m back at it to try to make up for my negligence, and I think I’ve come to the realization/solution on why this has been so hard for me lately. One, I’m nearing the end of my college career to I’m hella busy, two, as this is my first time trying a blog and while being very busy, once a week for fully fleshed out rhetorical analysis essay was a little more ambitious than I bargained for.

When I had enough free time and brain power for it, it was great. But trying to shove essays out of me has slowly been making me like this less, which is never what I wanted, nor truly how I feel about writing these. I love doing this blog. I just think I need to give myself less pressure and more wiggle room.

Therefore, starting next Monday, I am going to switch to a bi-weekly format of blog writing. It keeps me more sane and keeps my love for this blog true. Also, it leaves space for other creative free-time instead of taking up all of it and making me feel stilted.

I’m ambitious and passionate, and most times push my ass to do things and then get them done, but sometimes I do need to be realistic, take a step back, and do what’s best for a project and my sanity. I’m sure with this internal honesty the blog will come back next week even better than ever.

Any questions?


Stephanie Marceau


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