Offbeat Rhetoric is about looking at things new ways. Media saturates our lives, and everyone has an opinion.

But what if we question all of it?

As a chronic “what if” asker since conception, I (Stephanie Marceau) am fully prepared to take any lovers of media, analytical thinkers, and/or movie/book/etc. critics on this journey to challenge all the things we think.

So now that you know where we’re headed, join me in the human adventure of questioning everything.

Who knows where it may lead?

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*DISCLAIMER: Just because we question things does not mean we do not love, appreciate, or enjoy them. I am a firm lover of bad movies, even if I fully know they’re horrible. So never stop loving something because we critique it. Your likes/dislikes are your own and no one should take those from you. We’re all just here to think a little deeper.